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Why Choose Us? There are several important factors to consider when selecting a facility for your child. Where is the facility located? A convenient location is very important.  Children need to attend therapy on a regular basis to be successful.  Inconvenient location results in missed visits, which can impede a child’s progress. What kind of treatment plan will my child receive? Trinity Speech, Language, and Learning Center is devoted to creating unique, individualized therapy plans for each child. The techniques we use are proven and effective, but do not come from a particular program. We create the therapy each visit. Furthermore, the activities we use are varied, age-appropriate, and engaging [e.g., technology, games, etc.]. To achieve this, we regularly attend professional events to stay current in our treatment approaches and methods. How is family integrated into my child’s care plan? We understand how special children are to their families.  We make every effort to be accessible to family members [e.g., e-mail, phone numbers, etc.]. Each session is viewed by family members in an adjacent room, and results are shared each visit. Conferences and progress reports occur on a regular basis. How much time does an appointment take? Our sessions are longer than traditional speech therapy. This cuts down on the number of children we can see each day, but we believe the results are worth it. Most of the children we see present significant issues [e.g., apraxia, language impairments, dyslexia]. The nature and severity of these conditions warrant 45 minutes to an hour in most cases. Generally, family members have concurred with this principle. 
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