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Developmental Stages
0-1 month suck swallow pattern, non-differentiated crying 2-3 months cooing, back consonants & vowels, middle vowels 4-6 months Babbling, lip sounds, experiments with sounds 6-10 months Repetitive syllables, nasal, stop sounds t, d, p, p 11-14 months First words- Simple three sound words, predominance of m, w, b, p 2 years Words increase. Some two word phrase. Acquired k, g, sounds. 3 years Speaks in short incomplete sentences. Most speech sounds emerging. j, n, f, s, and all vowels sounds. 4 years Tells short stories, asks questions. v, z, sh, ch sounds are added to other acquired consonants. 5 years Syntax and sentences structure emerge. Later developing consonants acquired in most instances: r, l, & th.
Normal Stages of Speech Development
Normal Stages of Language Development
0-2 weeks Undifferentiated crying 2-4 weeks Differentiated crying 3-6 months Babbling 6-9 months Lallation 9-12 months Echolalia 12-18 months True speech- first words- The child is able to use a word when the object is present and actually knows what the word means. 18 months Understands simple instructions and begins putting 2 words together. Vocabulary of about 20-25 words. 2 years Names 4 or 5 objects. Uses some prepositions [e.g., on, in] and has a vocabulary of 275-300 words. 3 years Uses pronouns [I, you, me], plurals, past tense, and comparatives [bigger, etc]. Vocabulary of about 900 words. 4 years Names colors, common objects, animals, and can tell the sounds animals make. Repeats 3 digits, and has a vocabulary of about 1500 words. 5 years Uses descriptive words, opposites and connectives. Can count to ten. All speech sounds are present and generally intelligible
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